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Registration procedure for 2011/2012

Students admitted on 2011/2012.

Registration period: 2011-08-01 / 2011-09-16 (extended until 2011-10-03

Registration must be done personally Monday to Friday, from 10H30 to 15H30 at the

Academic Services of the 
Sciences Faculty of the University of Porto, 
Building FC5
Rua do Campo Alegre
4169-007 Porto

Alternatively, the necessary documents may be sent by post to the above address.

Foreign students can also send digitized versions of their documents by e-mail to pos.graduacao@fc.up.pt. On arrival at Portugal, students must present the original documents for confirmation.

Required documents

  1. Personal identification:
    1. Portuguese or other EU citizens: national ID card or citizen card
    2. Non-EU citizens: passport
  2. Diplomas of previous higher education qualifications
  3. Up-to-date photo (JPEG or PNG file with 200x160 pixels size)
  4. Choose an enrollment regime
    1. Full-time student: you are expected to enroll in 60 credits (30 in the first semester and 30 in the second semester) and pay the full fees (2750€/year); or
    2. Part-time student: you may enroll in a maximum of 37.5 credits, pay 60% of the fees (1650€/year).
  5. List of chosen courses, according to the study plan (http://sigarra.up.pt/fcup_uk/PLANOS_ESTUDOS_GERAL.FORMVIEW?P_pe=6839&p_ano_lectivo=2011)

Registration fee

There is a registration fee of 100€ to be paid personally or by bank transfer until 2011-09-16.