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MAP-i Fees

  • 2750€ per academic year, for full time students
    • If your are financing yourself, it is usually possible to pay the annual fees in four installments.
  • 1650€ per academic year, for part-time students
    • Part-time students are allowed to enroll in a maximum of 37.5 credits, instead of the usual 60 credits, and pay 60% of the annual fees. Thus, a part-time student takes roughly twice the number of years to conclude the program. It may be a convenient situation for someone who is working or gets its financing from a research project. Combinations are allowed, for example, the first two years as a part-time student to perform the curricular part, and the next two years as a full time student for the thesis elaboration.
  • 55€ of application fee
  • 100€ of registration fee