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  • Students 2011-02-28
Universidade do Minho
Universidade de Aveiro
Universidade do Porto

MAPi students enrolled for dual PhD degrees with Carnegie-Mellon University

  1. Can Ye (2008/09)
    Title: Vital Responder Signal Processing and Data Analysis
    Advisors: Miguel Coimbra(IT/FCUP) and Kumar (ECE/CMU)
  2. Hugo Conceição (2008/09)
    Title: Distributed Control of Road Traffic based on Vehicular Ad-hoc Networking
    Advisors: Michel Ferreira (IT/FCUP) and Ozan Tonguz (ECE/CMU)
  3. Flávio Cruz (2010/11)
    Advisors: Ricardo Rocha (CRACS/FCUP) and Seth Goldstein (CSD/CMU)
  4. Rui Meireles (2007/08)
    Title: Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks
    Advisors: João Barros (IT/FEUP) and Peter Steenkiste (CSD/CMU)
  5. Vinay Prabhu (2009/10)
    Advisors: Miguel Rodrigues (IT/FCUP) and Rohit Negi (ECE/CMU)

MAPi students enrolled in thesis research

  1. Alexandre Madeira (2008/09)
    Title: Behavioural certification of evolving software requirements
    Advisors: Luís Barbosa (CCTC/UM), Manuel A. Martins (UA)
  2. Ana Nunes (2008/09)
    Title: Elastic Enterprise Applications
    Advisors: José Orlando Pereira (CCTC/UM)
  3. André Ferreira Leite (2007/08)
    Title: Flexible, scalable and robust integration in real-time, safety critical systems
    Advisor: L. Almeida and R. Cordeiro (IEETA, UA)
  4. André Frederico Guilhoto Monteiro (2009/10)
    Title: HPC Management and Engineering in the Network Cloud applied to NGN
    Advisor: Joaquim Sousa Pinto (IEETA, UA)
  5. Andreia Sofia da Costa Teixeira (2007/08)
    Title: Characterization of cryptographic primitives based on Kolmogorov complexity
    Advisor: Luís F. Antunes and Armando Matos (LIACC, FC/UP)
  6. António Júnior (2007/08)
    Title: User-Centric Routing
    Advisors:Luis Duarte Costa (UM) and Rute Sofia (Lusófona)
  7. Arif Rahman (2007/08)
    Title: Data warehouses in the path from databases to archives
    Advisor: Gabriel David and Cristina Ribeiro (INESC Porto, FE/UP)
  8. Brett Drury (2007/08)
    Title: A text-mining response to news
    Advisor: Luís Torgo (LIAAD, FCUP) and José João Almeida (CCTC/UM)
  9. Bruno Oliveira (2008/09)
    Title: An interactive facial muscle system for CG films and videogames
    Advisor: Verónica Orvalho (IT, FCUP)
  10. César Telmo de Oliveira e Costa (2009/10)
    Title: Decision Support Platform based on Integrated Regional Heal Records
    Advisor: João Paulo Cunha (IEETA, UA)
  11. Daniela Carneiro da Cruz (2007/08)
    Title: Methods and techniques to analyse code, to extract and handle application components
    Advisor: Pedro Henriques and José Sousa Pinto (CCTC, DI/UM)
  12. Daniel Nunes Corujo (2009/10)
    Title: Communication Models for the Future Mobile Internet
    Advisor: Rui Aguiar (IT, UA)
  13. David Emmanuel Marques Campos (2009/10)
    Title: Term Expansion Methodologies in Biomedical Information Retrieval
    Advisor: José Luís Oliveira and Sérgio Matos (IEETA, UA)
  14. Davide Rua Carneiro (2009/10)
    Title: An Agent-based Architecture for Online Dispute Resolution
    Advisor: Paulo Novais and José Maia Neves (CCTC, UM)
  15. David Miguel Ramalho Pereira (2007/08)
    Title: Mobile code security based on Kleen algebras and temporal logics
    Advisor: Nelma Moreira and Simão Sousa (LIACC/FCUP)
  16. Ernesto Rodrigues Afonso (2009/10)
    Title: Echocardiographic CBR System based on the MPEG-7 Standard
    Advisor: Augusto Silva (IEETA, UA)
  17. Fabio de Lima Hedayioglu (2009/10)
    Title: Physiologic relevant features extraction from heart-sounds
    Advisor: Miguel Coimbra (IT, FCUP)
  18. Filipe José Oliveira Campos (2007/08)
    Title: Fault tolerant service integration
    Advisor: José O. Pereira (CCTC, DI/UM)
  19. Hugo Daniel dos Santos Macedo (2007/08)
    Title: Widening the scope of application of the Spiral parallel code generation system
    Advisor: José Nuno Oliveira (CCTC, DI/UM)
  20. Hugo Sereno Ferreira (2007/08)
    Title: Adaptive object modelling: patterns, tools and applications
    Advisor: Ademar Aguiar and J. Pascoal Faria (INESC-Porto, FE/UP)
  21. Hugo Pacheco (2007/08)
    Title: Bidirectional data transformations by calculation
    Advisor: A. Cunha and José Nuno Oliveira (CCTC, UM)
  22. João Gonçalves (2008/09)
    Title: Integrated Identity and Context Management Architecture for Privacy-Enabled Context Awareness
    Advisor: Diogo Gomes (IT, UA) and Rui Aguiar (IT, UA)
  23. José Casimiro Nunes Pereira (2009/10)
    Title: Natural Language Generation in the Context of Multimodal Interaction in Portuguese
    Advisor: António J.S. Teixeira and Joaquim Sousa Pinto (IEETA, UA)
  24. José Miguel Sampaio Faria (2009/10)
    Title: Formal Verification of Safety-crytical Reactive Systems in Ada
    Advisor: Jorge Sousa Pinto (CCTC, UM) and Simão Sousa (LIACC, UBI)
  25. José Pedro Garcia Oliveira (2007/08)
    Title: Integrated enterprise messaging architecture
    Advisor: José Orlando Pereira (CCTC, UM)
  26. José Carlos de Queirós Pinto (2007/08)
    Title: Cooperative control of heterogeneous autonomous vehicles
    Advisor: F. Pereira and J. Sousa (ISR-P, FEUP)
  27. Luís Miguel de Oliveira Matos (2009/10)
    Title:Lossy-to-lossless Compression of Images
    Advisor:António Neves and Armando J. Pinho (IT, UA)
  28. Luís Miguel Saraiva Ribeiro (2009/10)
    Title: Distributed Medical Imaging Repositories Towards the Anywhere, Anytime Mdeical Image Sharing
    Advisor: Carlos Costa and Armando J. Pinho (IT, UA)
  29. Marco Filipe Nunes Soares Abrantes Pereira (2009/10)
    Title:A Peer-to-Peer Semantically Enhanced Digital Library
    Advisor:Joaquim Arnaldo Martins (IEETA, UA)
  30. Miguel Ângelo Marques de Matos (2009/10)
    Title:Very Large Scale Data Management
    Advisor:Rui Oliveira (CCTC, UM)
  31. Muhammad Alam (2009/10)
    Title:Cognitive Networks for Green and Seamless User Mobility
    Advisor:Jonathan Rodriguez (IT, UA)
  32. Noel Pérez (2008/09)
    Title:Development of Image Analysis Algorithms for Breast Cancer Detection: An Exploration on Grid Infrastructures
    Advisor:Miguel Angel López (INEGI/UP) and Augusto Silva (IEETA, UA)
  33. Nuno Alexandre Castro Ferreira (2007/08)
    Title: Multi-staged domain specific modelling for software product lines: an insurance ontology analysis
    Advisor: Ricardo Machado and D. Gasavic (Algoritmi, UM)
  34. Nuno Alexandre Abreu Carvalho (2007/08)
    Title: Self-managing service platform
    Advisor: José Orlando Pereira (CCTC, UM)
  35. Nuno Figueiredo (2008/09)
    Title: Enhancing the Usability, Computational Efficiency and Reliability of EEG-based Brain Machine Interfaces
    Advisors: Filipe Silva (IETA/UA), Petia Giorgieva (IETA/UA)
  36. Nuno José Constantino Castro (2007/08)
    Title: Time series analysis in telecommunication data
    Advisor: Paulo Azevedo (CCTC, UM)
  37. Orlando Ohashi (2008/09)
    Title: Monitoring and Predicting Anomalies in Sensor Network Data
    Advisor: Luís Torgo (LIAAD/FCUP)
  38. Paula Alexandra Fernandes Monteiro (2007/08)
    Title: Inception of software validation and verification practices within CMMI Level 2: An IEEE/ISO 29119 roadmap
    Advisor: Ricardo Machado and R. Kazman (Algoritmi, UM)
  39. Paulo César Oliveira Jesus (2007/08)
    Title: Robust distributed data aggregation
    Advisor: Carlos Baquero and Paulo Almeida (CCTC, UM)
  40. Pedro Emanuel Rodrigues Gomes (2009/10)
    Title: Next-Generation Driver Information Systems
    Advisor: Michel Ferreira (IT, FCUP)
  41. Raúl Costa (2008/09)
    Title: Intelligent Alarm Management for Large-Scale Telecommunication Companies
    Advisor: Paulo Cortez (Algoritmi/UM)
  42. Ricardo Freitas (2008/09)
    Title: Relational Databases Digital Preservation
    Advisor: José Carlos Ramalho (CCTC/UM)
  43. Ricardo Manuel Pereira Vilaça (2007/08)
    Title: Large-scale decentralized object store
    Advisor: Rui Oliveira (CCTC, UM)
  44. Rui Jorge Pereira Gonçalves (2007/08)
    Title: Augmented/virtual reality applied to the control and supervision of robotic vehicles in cooperative missions
    Advisor: F. Pereira and Gil Gonçalves (ISR-P, FE/UP)
  45. Rui Manuel Dias Ferreira Lima (2009/10)
    Title: Name Resolution in the Internet: from function to valued service
    Advisor: Rui Aguiar (IT, UA)
  46. Rui Pedro Figueiredo Marques (2009/10)
    Title: Organisational Transactions with Embedded Control
    Advisor: Henrique Santos (Algoritmi, UM) and Carlos Santos (ISCAA)
  47. Tiago Miguel Guimarães Pedrosa (2007/08)
    Title: Electronic health records for mobile citizens
    Advisor: José Luís Oliveira and Rui Lopes (IEETA, UA)
  48. Vahid Talooki (2008/09)
    Title: Secure and Reliable Communication Infrastructure for IP-Based Emergency Applications
    Advisor: Jonathan Rodriguez (IT/UA)
  49. Vitor Rodrigues (2008/09)
    Title: Pragmatic Program Transformation and Verification: an Abstract Interpretation Perspective
    Advisors: Mário Florido (LIACC/FCUP), Simão Sousa (LIACC/UBI)
  50. Vítor Serafim Pereira de Oliveira (2007/08)
    Title: Civil protection applications in a grid supported environment
    Advisor: António Pina (CCTC, UM)

MAPi students still taking courses

  1. António Manuel Cerqueira Alves (2009/10)
  2. Edgar Manuel da Mota Sousa (2009/10)
  3. Eduardo Sabina dos Santos Valente (2009/10)
  4. Fernando Manuel Carneiro Almeida (2009/10)
  5. Frank Juergen Knaezer (2009/10)
  6. Javad Zarrin (2009/10)
  7. João Alexandre da Silva Costa e Cunha (2009/10)
  8. João Carlos Garcia da Cunha Barbosa (2009/10)
  9. João Manuel Leite da Silva (2009/10)
  10. José Pedro dos Santos Silva Tavares (2009/10)
  11. Lucas Guardalben (2009/10)
  12. Óscar Narciso Mortágua Pereira (2009/10)
  13. Rui Abreu de Carvalho Ferreira (2009/10)
  14. Rui Carlos Araújo Gonçalves (2009/10)
  15. Sarvenaz Choobdar (2009/10)
  16. Tahereh Nodehi (2009/10)
  17. Zhinoos Razavi Hesabi (2009/10)
  18. Afonso Delerue Arriaga (2010/11)
  19. Carlos André Marques Viana Ferreira (2010/11)
  20. Carlos Eduardo Bastos e Marques da Silva (2010/11)
  21. Carlos Eduardo da Silva Pereira (2010/11)
  22. Constantine Taivan (2010/11)
  23. Elisabete Maria Azevedo Amaro Maciel (2010/11)
  24. Eduardo Augusto Peixto da Silva Brito (2010/11)
  25. Francisco António Ferraz Martins de Almeida Maia (2010/11)
  26. Francisco Miguel Carvalho Barros da Cruz (2010/11)
  27. Frederico Miguel Goulão Valente (2010/11)
  28. Hamid Arabnejad (2010/11)
  29. Henrique Manuel Fernandes de Castro (2010/11)
  30. Hojjat Baghban (2010/11)
  31. Hugo Amilcar Castelo Pires (2010/11)
  32. Joaquim Filipe Peixoto dos Santos (2010/11)
  33. João Dinis Colaço de Freitas (2010/11)
  34. João Tiago Medeiros Paulo (2010/11)
  35. Jorge Filipe Linhares Meira Pereira da Cruz (2010/11)
  36. Mustafa Hashmi (2010/11)
  37. Nuno Alexandre Ramos de Carvalho (2010/11)
  38. Nuno Ernesto Salgado Oliveira (2010/11)
  39. Nuno Miguel Almeida Luz (2010/11)
  40. Paulo José Correia Bernardes (2010/11)
  41. Paulo Miguel Franco Correia de Brito (2010/11)
  42. Paulo Miguel da Silva Gaspar (2010/11)
  43. Paulo Ricardo Carvalho Vilaça (2010/11)
  44. Pedro Miguel Ribeiro Martins (2010/11)
  45. Pedro Tiago Magalhães Gomes (2010/11)
  46. Ricardo Manuel Carvalho de Castro (2010/11)